Transformation is possible

I am you, and you are me.
Don’t we recognize a lot in each other?
As a single mother in Ibiza,
Schools are still closed here & it is up to me to teach my son in Spanish.
I can tell you I’m having a hard time with it.
Today it seems like the strong wind here,
rages in me too.
Hormones call for crying or just nothing.
But everything in me knows that it is not possible.
I have my own business that I have to write for, prepare interviews to be featured in my online magazine,
write off the last pieces for my new website, another list of phone calls, apps & mails for business & practical matters.
I run over … too much, shoot into a maze where I forgot what to do … get out, I want out!
Oh, I know this so well from myself & it provides extra through a period that says she’s coming.
I am restless, irritated, full, hyper inspired, tired & energetic at the same time.
The trick is how do I deal with this now?
Because I also want to keep listening to my desire.
Well, made my fresh juice,
cup of coffee with almond milk,
that makes me feel good.
Stay close to myself,
What is right for me?
Plug out …..
I’m going for a walk in the mountains!
Have a good day mothers everywhere❤️🙏🏻